The Mind Spa - 121 & relaxing treatments
The Mind Spa -

Available in 1 hour 1&1/2hour sessions
Our powerful sessions can support you to:

Overall your lifestyle for health, relationships and career

Create better health control things like blood pressure, breathing, weight, with nutritional sessions, hypnotherapy, meditation and relaxation techniques  

£50 & £70
(Discounts available for 4 6 and 8 session packages)

Life Balance Sessions: Life coaching to get your life in balance

Stress Management Sessions : includes Reiki & talking therapy, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, meditation 

Breakthrough  Sessions : Hypnotherapy 

Available in 30min  & 1 hour  sessions
Discounts available for 4,  6 and 8 session packages
£25 £35

Relaxing Holistic Facial Massage

Indian Head Massage


The Transformations
Balanced Life Sessions​

Let us share this thing called life. We know you work hard, that you are often juggling many responsibilities. We know you have great family and friends who are there for you. But sometimes, you just need space to clear your head and get on top of all the things you want for yourself and your family. This is the place for that space. Let your imagination roam free and take those practical steps to make your dreams come true.
Whether you are looking for:

  • A Spiritual Outlet
  • Relationship Re tuning
  • Balancing business or career & life
  • Clearing Your Thoughts
  • Breakthrough Sessions
  • Creative Living
  • Getting Unstuck/Finding Motivation
  • Discovering your next steps

These powerful sessions are many successful people’s fairy godmother (£50)

The Breakthrough Sessions
Powerful, personalised hypnotherapy sessions help you overcome your blocks, be healthier, happier you.

Personalised Packages:
The Intensives:
Breakthrough sessions:
Intensive Coaching, Hypnotherapy , Visioning, Coaching
(based on 3 hours or 2 days intensives - prices on request)

Booking for this or anything else here is easy. Just complete the contact form, call or FB message me @ The Mind Spa

Join the increasing number of  companies that are putting the wellbeing of their team members on top of their priorities, gaining the benefits of a healthier, happier working environment.
To book contact me

Booking for this or anything else here is easy. Just complete the contact form, call or FB message me@The Mind Spa

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I am happy to share with you  any of my qualifications just ask me I have all my certificates here for your perusal. I work with a positive and intuitive energy which I like to share with everyone I meet. To find out more contact me: 
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